‘Potty-Mouth Princess’ Video Director, Mom Defends F-Bomb Laced Feminist Campaign

Unless you don’t watch TV or follow news on the internet, you couldn’t have missed the now infamous “potty-mouth princesses” dropping the f-bomb to bring attention to feminism. The controversial video has created waves on and offline, and has parents up in arms claiming that letting the little girls speak in such a way is child abuse.

The video, posted to YouTube, has since gone viral and shows very young girls dressed in princess costumes and dropping the f-bomb like sailors, hence the “potty-mouth princess” title the video is now known for. The point of the clip was to bring attention to what feminists say is inequality and sexism against women in all areas of life, but it has become popular for the foul language displayed by the girls.

The campaign was created by FCKH8.com, a for-profit organization which advocates sexual, racial, and gender equality through the sale of clothing featuring pro-equality messages. Director Luke Montgomery, along with six-year-old Caige — one of the “potty mouthed princesses” who was featured in the video — and her mother, Brooklyne, visited the set of Entertainment Tonight to discuss the project. Their responses are creating even more controversy than the video did a few days ago when it became viral.

The director explained the reasons behind using foul language by such young “actresses.”

“The whole idea was using a bad word for a good cause to get people’s attention. A lot of people are focusing on that we use the ‘F’ word in this video…The reason we did use the ‘F’ word is because we want people to focus on statistics like one out of five women will be raped or sexually assaulted in their lifetime, or the fact that women and men doing the exact same job, the woman gets paid 23 percent less than men. In 2014, that’s what’s shocking, not the ‘F’ word.”

But is having the very young, innocent six-year-old “potty-mouth princesses” swearing like there’s no tomorrow the way to bring attention to their cause? According to many parents who have taken the time to comment on different websites where the story has been reported, and on social media, those behind the video are misguided and the message may have been lost. So what does this little girl’s mother think? An emotional Brooklyne explained the reasons behind allowing her daughter to participate in the controversial video.

“People who know us know that we are a good family and if this didn’t mean something to me as a woman who was inappropriately touched at the age of four, I would not have let my daughter do this. But I feel that it is finally something that’s going to get people talking. You know, it’s an issue for a lot a people. That stat? One in five is too high… It is actually more because I never reported it. I never reported that as a little girl because I felt scared, because it was somebody I knew.”

“Getting a message out like that is so important for me and, you know what? It’s done in a crazy way, but like I was telling (Luke) earlier, we’ve been sitting here for decades of people talking about women’s rights and where is it?… I don’t see the stats that say women are equally paid still, decades after…Or somebody’s foundations for getting sexual awareness or sexual help or something like that. Where’s (the) charities and people who are doing stuff to educate at an early age? Teen pregnancy! It’s out there, these kids know this kind of stuff.”

The “potty-mouth princess” video director defends having to resort to these extremes measures to bring attention to what he see is sexual inequality.

“If we could get people talking about the inequality that girls and women face, if we could get people talking about that without using the ‘F’ word? Oh my god, we would. That would be amazing. That would be wonderful. But we used this simple tactic, this four-letter word, this bad word for a good cause, to draw attention.”

Montgomery goes on to praise all the “potty-mouth princesses” and the mothers who allowed them to do the video. You can watch the full interview on Friday’s episode of Entertainment Tonight on CBS. Check your local listings.

Warning: Video contains offensive, graphic language

What do you think of the “potty-mouth princesses” for feminism f-bomb video? Would you allow your daughter to participate in such a campaign?

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