Florida Boy Aims To Become The First Male Homecoming Queen For His High School

As of late, the United States has taken a direction in which it is aiming to remove constraints when it comes to gender identity. This means that a person no longer needs to be identified specifically as male or female, something that most transgender people have been striving to gain. The Inquisitr reported news in which transgender rights were recognized. Facebook did this by adding family relationships that are gender-neutral. Also, people are now allowed to choose their gender upon death on their death certificates with backing paperwork proving gender neutrality or changes.

Now there is a bit of interesting news coming out of Lake County, Florida, which may or may not be associated with transgender rights or gender neutrality. A 17-year-old boy is running for homecoming, but not for king - but queen.

Dillon Gleese is aiming to become the first male homecoming queen at his high school.

According to WFTV, Dillon Gleeson, a student at East Ridge High School in Lake County, is looking to become his school's first male Homecoming Queen. School officials confirmed this stating that Gleese made the homecoming court and the results will be announced on Friday during their football game. It should however be noted that the reason for Gleeson's desire to become Homecoming Queen are not known. Whether or not it's a political statement, a stance for transgender rights (though there is no mention of Gleeson being a transgender), or just to stir up some controversy is still up in the air.

Channel 9's Myrt Price reached out to parents for their opinions on the situation. One parent's explanation was quite traditional in which they said the following.

"Homecoming where I come from is quite different."
Some other parents were far more accepting of the situation. One parent said they didn't have a problem because they don't discriminate with another parent expressing their experience on tradition, but still accepting of the current situation.
"Queen is usually for a girl but if that's what he wants then, that's what it is."
Myrt Price also asked students for their opinions if East Ridge High School's allowance of having a boy run for homecoming queen will put a target on the school itself to bullies. This was answered as one student stated that the bullying at their school isn't much of a problem as in other schools.

The true concern is that young girls running for homecoming queen are upset about the situation because they believe the running is now rigged. News Talk Radio has a recording in which this was discussed.

What do you think about Dillon Gleese running for homecoming queen? Groundbreaking? Attention-seeking? Disrespectful?

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