Aaron Paul: Actor’s Heated Response To Toys ‘R’ Us Pulling ‘Breaking Bad’ Toys

Aaron Paul, the actor who played Jesse Pinkman in the critically acclaimed AMC show Breaking Bad, is not happy about Toys ‘R’ Us pulling the show’s action figures from their shelves, and he’s letting them know about it, according to Entertainment Weekly.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Toys ‘R’ Us caved to pressure from a petition started by Susan Schrivjer, a mother from Florida. The petition demanded that Toys ‘R’ Us remove action figures of Walter White, played on the show by Bryan Cranston, and Aaron Paul’s character, Jesse Pinkman. Both action figures came with fake crystal meth, which was something that infuriated Schrivjer, she explained to Fox News on Thursday.

“Putting something that has fake illegal drugs with it next to G.I. Joe or Mario Bros. just morally isn’t right. This has nothing to do with people taking their kids in there or buying that or anything, this has to do with the placement of that doll.”

It might have ended there, however, Cranston spoke out about the ban, and now Aaron Paul has taken to Twitter to condemn the toy retail giant for its decision.

Paul then one step further and pointed Breaking Bad fans towards a petition to reinstate the Breaking Bad toys. (Aaron signs the Tweet with a signature catchphrase his character would have surely said on the show.)

Here’s the petition to sign to keep the toys on the shelves! This would be so fun to show the Florida mom. YeahBitch https://t.co/8iEFsLBCIn — Aaron Paul (@aaronpaul_8) October 24, 2014

According to The Hollywood Reporter, shortly after Aaron Paul tweetd the link to the petition to reinstate the Breaking Bad toys, the petition garnered more signatures than the one to remove the toys did in the first place.

Bryan Cranston tweeted his outrage at the Florida mom’s petition on Monday.

So far there has been no response from Toys ‘R’ Us regarding Aaron Paul’s tweets or the reinstatement petition.

[Image via ign and memphisrap]