Substitute Teacher Symone Greene Caught On Video Having Oral Sex With Student

Substitute teacher Symone Greene is under arrest after having performed a sex act on one of her students, while the majority of the school was at a pep rally.

The anonymous student from Options Public Charter School in Washington D.C., was a 17-year-old football player. Symone Greene, a 22-year-old substitute teacher, was working at the school for the first time.

Options Public Charter School

According to reports from the Washington Post, the incident took place on October 17. The student was working as an office assistant in the classroom Symone Greene was teaching in. He began flirting with her, and they reportedly texted back and forth, including one text where he questioned Greene about whether or not she was kinky.

Her response was, “I don’t tell I show.”

Later that same day, Symone Greene performed oral sex on the student in the same classroom. He recorded her without her knowledge.

Greene and the student continued texting throughout the weekend, and she tried to ensure that he wouldn’t tell anyone what happened. She used the excuse that “it is not right for a student and teacher to have a relationship.”

The student, however, had already shown the video to several members of his football team and a friend from another school.

Symone Greene

According to MFDC, the texts led to the police running a minor sting on Symone Greene; they texted her using the student’s phone.

“Please be real with me did u run ur mouth,” Greene responded. “I’m so scared. I swear imma cry.”

Shannon Hodge, Executive Director of Options Public Charter School, issued a statement on Wednesday morning:

“[Symone Greene] was at Options Public Charter School for one day to cover a planned staff teacher absence. The substitute teacher was not an employee of Options Public Charter School. When school administrators learned of the incident Monday morning, we immediately contacted the Child and Family Services Agency, the Metropolitan Police Department, and the parent of the student. MPD responded immediately and began an investigation into the incident. We are deeply concerned about what happened to one of our scholars. Our goal is to keep our scholars safe and secure. All staff will remain extremely vigilant in maintaining a safe school environment and will continue to implement procedures to ensure the safety and security of our scholars.”

Hodge noted that Greene was contracted through a Delaware company, and had never worked in education before.

Symone Greene is currently being charged with first-degree sexual abuse of a minor.

[Images courtesy of MFDC]