Michael Brown Shooting: Ferguson Riots Invade Police Station, Demand ‘Justice’ For Darren Wilson [Video]

Protests over the Michael Brown shooting trial resulted in a Ferguson riot in which people invaded the St. Louis County Police Department while demanding “justice” for police officer Darren Wilson, the white officer who shot the 18-year-old black teen.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a Michael Brown shooting grand jury witness from Ohio claims to have seen the scenario with Officer Darren Wilson unfold from start to finish.

Protesters gathered in Clayton and invaded St. Louis County Police Department demanding to talk at the Police Commission meeting that was scheduled for that day. Demonstrators said they came to express their democratic voice on the “National Day Against Police Brutality.” Protesters also tried to bring into the station a mirrored covered coffin but it was turned away at the door, reported FOX 2 Now.

The Police Commission meeting was canceled and the protesters were barred from entering further into the building, having been told “this is a restricted area.”

Wednesday’s protest came just hours after the explosive new information from the leaked autopsy and toxicology reports of Michael Brown. The Michael Brown autopsy and toxicology report reportedly revealed the Ferguson teenager had marijuana in his system and casts doubt on claims by shooting witnesses that he was running away from officer Darren Wilson.

The protesters have been marching since August 9 when white Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown, a black teen, calling calling for the indictment of Wilson. Riots and looting happened immediately after Brown was killed and it is feared that more violence will occur if Wilson is not indicted. Some protesters have even vowed similar demonstrations, reported The Inquisitr.

In the police station, while the police officers barred further entry into the building, protesters yelled at the officers, chanted slogans, and one activist threatened more violence. The protester yelled, “If we don’t get justice here, we’ll get it on the streets.” The police responded that the police chief would talk to one spokesperson but the protesters responded no, that he needed to come talk to everyone, reported FOX 2 Now.

St Louis County Police cancelled their public meeting. We’re currently inside stlcpd. #Ferguson pic.twitter.com/J7gVEJzQuC

— Wes (@WesKnuckle) October 22, 2014

Now officers say Chief will talk to one spokesperson. Protestors say no, he needs to come talk to everyone — Allison Blood (@AllisonBlood) October 22, 2014

Protestors yelling at officers pic.twitter.com/Rr9esoJGAZ — Allison Blood (@AllisonBlood) October 22, 2014

After arguing with the police, roughly 100 protesters eventually left the police station to visit the area where Mike Brown was killed. Later in the evening, some protesters threw water bottles at cops dressed in riot gear, CNN reported. Protesters also spilled onto the streets, blocking traffic, but they were cleared onto the sidewalk by authorities as a helicopter could be heard buzzing overhead through a livestream of the proceeding. Some of the crowd tried to enter nearby convenience stores but were shooed out by management and the doors locked, possibly in fear of looting, reported Mashables.

When I see this picture from @brownblaze tonight it’s clear to me they knew those leaks were going to set people off. pic.twitter.com/Zf9f0vWEAA — Shaun King (@ShaunKing) October 23, 2014

Later in the evening the number of protesters at the police station had grown since earlier in the evening as more continued to gather.

What do you think of the Ferguson protesters invading the police station following the leak of the autopsy and the new Michael Brown shooting witness testimony?