Tiger Shark Attacks Paddleboarder In Hawaii

Dustin Wicksell

For the third time in a week, a Hawaiian beachgoer has reported a close encounter with a tiger shark as a stand-up paddleboarder was thrown into the water off Maui when the predator attacked.

The incident occurred Wednesday morning about 200 yards off Maui's Waipuilani Beach Park, according to Hawaii News Now. Kim Lawrence and Terry Lee were paddling around 10 a.m. in water that was between five to six feet deep and murky. Lee watched as a large tiger shark, with a head measuring two feet in width, attacked Lawrence's board, knocking her into the water.

— G.Alexander(BRKNEWS) (@MajorNews911) October 23, 2014

Lawrence compared the tiger shark's attack to the feeling of a bucking horse. In the confusion following its initial strike, she actually stood on the shark to get back on her board.

"Felt the shark rub up against me," she recalled. "My thought was, 'Oh my God … he's gonna bite my leg.' My instinct was to kick. So I kicked really hard with this heel … still trying to get on my board to get my momentum…so I stepped right off of his back to get back on my board."

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[Image via The Active Woman Traveler]