Batgirl Attacked By Mr. Incredible As Chewbacca Tries To Intervene; Only In Hollywood

Hollywood Boulevard is a popular tourist attraction in Los Angeles that is populated by costumed characters who look to entertain passersby for tips in exchange for photos. The jovial atmosphere turned ugly Tuesday when a man dressed up as Mr. Incredible from Pixar’s The Incredibles got into a fight with Batgirl while Chewbacca, Freddie Krueger and Waldo tried to intervene.

Footage of the brawl was originally captured by FilmOn and took place around 5 p.m. on Tuesday evening near the TLC Chinese Theater. The reason for the brawl is still unknown, but Los Angeles police are investigating, according to local news station KTLA.

The unfortunately low quality video shows a scuffle erupting between the man dressed as Mr. Incredible and the woman dressed as Batgirl. Other individuals dressed as Chewbacca, Freddie Krueger and Waldo try to separate the two but are only mildly successful. Eventually, Mr. Incredible chases down Batgirl, throws a punch and a kick before body-slamming her to the ground. At that point, a nearby on-looker rushes Mr. Incredible to help separate him from Batgirl.

No arrests have been made and there were no injuries were reported. Police are investigating, but there’s no word on progress.

This isn’t the first time such an incident has occurred on Hollywood Boulevard between costumed characters, however. Two men dressed up as Captain America and another dressed as Spider-Man got into a similar brawl earlier this year.

CBS2 interviewed a Batman performer, who provided some insight on why the brawl might have happened.

“The good ones, we’re stationary, we’ll stand against the curb, people come to us,” he said. “But the bad ones they roam up and down, so they cross paths or they target the same people, and then they get into each other. It’s less now because we have a lot more police presence here since last year, and it has made a difference. It’s not cleaned up yet, but it is getting better.”

In other words, visiting Hollywood Boulevard isn’t the well-controlled environment of meeting characters at theme parks like Disney World, Six Flags or Universal Studios. Of course, those parks have had problems with misbehaving employees as costumed characters too. They just haven’t reached the level of all-out brawls in full view of the public.

What do you think of the throw-down between Mr. Incredible and Batgirl on Hollywood Boulevard. Just another day in Hollyweird or something else? Sound off in the comment section below.

[Image via KTLA]