Rick Ross Diet: How the Rapper Really Lost More Than 100 Pounds with 'RossFit'

Paula Mooney

Rick Ross is looking slimmer than his fans are used to seeing the normally hefty rapper. Thanks to a change in diet and workout routine, Ross has managed to lose more than 100 pounds, reports The Examiner. Known for anthems like Hustlin', wherein Rick Ross interjects his "Ross" name into lyrics that rhyme with boss, Rick has fans asking questions about his diet.

Although Rick called himself a "fatboy in Versace" in a pensive photo of the superstar that was posted to Ross' "RichForever" Instagram account as early as September 9, more recent photos show Ross looking more svelte thanks to an amended diet.

"I still eat the way I want to eat, I just go to the gym," Rick Ross told Tim Westwood TV, mentioning a few diet changes. "Now they give me fruit to eat. I eat pears," Rick said of his diet, discussing the merits of weight training and diet instead of 30-minute treadmill cardio sessions.

"You could be doing something that's burning calories and building muscles at the same time," Rick claimed about coupling exercise with diet. Although Rick didn't dramatically change his diet, the mention of adding fruit to Ross' normal diet means that fruit wasn't something consumed by the 38-year-old Ross in his previous diet.

However, it's not all fruit that's evident in Rick Ross' newfound diet. Rick's Instagram account shows plenty of mentions of Ross holding bottles of Luc Belaire, a premium French Rosé & Brut that the "black bottle boss" Ross is endorsing, according to Forbes. The publication states that Rick also has a deal with mCig electronic cigarettes, which seems at odds with Ross' newfound healthy diet living.

Unlike LeBron James' recent "no bad carbs" 67-day diet, Rick Ross is apparently not giving up carbs anytime soon for his diet, as evidenced by a photo posted to Rick's Instagram account, which displays a set of waffles with "Palms" emblazoned in the middle, and only two halves of a strawberry flanking the high-calorie non-diet meal on each side.

In the social media photo, which has the ever-present and obligatory bottle of rare brut in the frame, Rick Ross -- aka "black bottle boy" -- asks, "Who says mobsters can't prosper?" Well, given the nearly 2.6 million followers that Rick enjoys -- ones celebrating Ross' 100-pound weight loss and new diet along with the hip-hop star, the answer to that question might be no one other than Rick Ross himself.