Nathan Cirillo: Slain Canadian Soldier Leaves Behind A Devastated Family

Nathan Cirillo, the Canadian soldier gunned down in cold blood at the National War Memorial in Ottawa Wednesday, is being remembered by his young son and extended family.

Corporal Nathan Cirillo (24) was shot while on honorary guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the National War Memorial as reported by Legacy. According to the CBC, the Ottawa police announced hours after the shooting that Cirillo had died.

Nathan was a reservist from Hamilton, Ontario. He served with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada regiment. According to reports, frantic efforts were made to revive the injured Cirillo at the base of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which the soldier had sworn to defend.

Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence Hatfield of the Argylls gave a brief statement yesterday evening to reporters outside the James Street armoury in Ottawa.

“The regiment wishes to express its sincere condolences to the family of Cororal Cirillo as well as to express our thanks that’s been demonstrated by the support of Canadians across this country. Corporal Cirillo was a very proud member of the Argylls and the Highlanders of Canada. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, and we hope that Canadians share that with us.”

In Nathan Cirillo’s hometown of Hamilton, Nathan’s uncle, Jim Cirillo, spoke to reporters between tears and talked about the effects of the shooting on his sister, the slain soldier’s mother.

“She’s saying she doesn’t believe it…. She went on the internet and she saw it and she.… I don’t know how she didn’t pass out. She’s just completely broken, broken right now.”

Cirillo went on to say that Nathan and his two sisters hadn’t been “dealt a good hand,” referring to the difficult divorce that split up their parents.

“And now for him to get shot and pass away, I don’t know if life is fair… he didn’t deserve that. I don’t know how someone could have picked him out and do that.”

Nathan Cirillo had reconnected with his mother in recent years, but had not come to know his estranged father who now lives in Costa Rica.

Cirillo’s mother will now be charged with taking care of Nathan’s son, who has just entered kindergarten. The small child’s mother is reportedly “out of the picture.”

In addition to his work with the reserves, Nathan was a personal trainer and a bouncer at a downtown Hamilton bar. The CBC reports that his Facebook and Instagram pictures depicted a young man who was always smiling, who loved to play guitar, and who loved his two large dogs.

Nathan was actually captured in this tweeted photograph shortly before the attack.

Ok so we were on a tour at that war monument in Ottawa a few minutes ago, a few seconds later there was a shooting..

Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina said that Nathan Cirillo’s funeral will have “full service honors.”

images via instagram, nbc, twitter.