Zombie Apocalypse: New Report Says Stay Away From These Cities

Scott Falkner

With Halloween right around the corner, it makes sense that a new zombie apocalypse report has sprung up, telling us which cities we would want to avoid should the unthinkable happen.

Trulia, a real estate location company, just released a new schematic which tells you the cities in the United States that would be the best feeding grounds for zombies. To compile their list, they utilized the following factors for each city: hospital density, congestion, hardware store availability, and higher walk scores.

Just what do each of those mean... in terms of zombies?

Higher walk scores mean the ease with which a city's organization allows you to get from here to there on foot. Of course, the city planning that allows joggers to get around easily via running paths, walkways over highways and whatnot, also allows zombies to get around more freely and makes them more of a threat.

Hardware stores? That's pretty simple. When the zombies flood your area, you're going to need to stock up by looting an abandoned hardware store. Guns, chainsaws, baseball bats, garden hoes, gloves, duct tape, lighter fluid, pipe... all of this stuff becomes essential in fighting off the zombie horde and staying alive. The more convenient this stuff is to find, the better your chances.

Congestion is also a pretty basic one. Once someone on your block gets infected by a zombie, how long is it going to take for everyone to get infected? The answer is directly related to how congested your area is. Does a zombie have to run or walk some distance to find their next victim or is that victim rubbing shoulders with them on the sidewalk?

Hospital density. In a zombie apocalypse, a cure wouldn't probably be available. In fact, hospitals full of non-ambulatory and sick patients would become a regular smorgasbord for zombies, so in that sense, it's clear why hospital density would be a negative thing in terms of surviving the plague.

So which city's came out as the worst places you could be during the zombie apocalypse? Here's the info-graphic from Trulia.


As you can see, Honolulu tops the list. It's congestion, lack of hardware stores and facilities for walkers make the Hawaiian city a bonanza for the zombie horde. Coming in second is New York City, followed by Newark, Boston, Washington D.C. and San Francisco.

Looking at the map, it's pretty clear that you'll want to avoid populated areas in general, though the upper midwest seems like it might be your best bet to steer clear of any marauding zombie hordes.

Zombie Invasion has done a similar report on the worst places to be in England for our friends running from the hordes across the Atlantic.

[images via izmirtavsiye.com and trulia]