Crabzilla Strikes Back: Thrilling New Pictures Of The 50-Foot Monster Crab Emerge

Tim Butters

It would appear that it is not quite safe to go back in the waters of Whitstable just yet because Crabzilla is back, and this time he means business.

Or at least that's what the new image of the giant crab which has made an appearance on the Weird Whitstable website would seem to suggest.

Crabzilla was first spotted lurking like a Leviathan of the deep close to the shores of Whistable last year. Ariel photographs of the freakish crustacean created a tidal wave of excitement not seen since the last sighting of the Loch Ness monster.

Crabzilla was immense. The salty water scoundrel and deep sea dandy appeared quite audacious in both character and appearance. The crab with attitude was pictured dwarfing nearby fishing boats in a popular crabbing spot. Yet Crabzilla was definitely not going to be anyone's catch of the day.

Sadly, the buzz surrounding Crabzilla came to an abrupt end when pictures of the watery wonder were dismissed as a hoax by experts, but what do they know? Because it would appear that the magnificent crab has lived to ride again.

The latest picture of the scuttling monstrosity shows Crabzilla rising from the depths in a possibly playful or predatory manner, just metres from where two young boys are fishing.

Obviously, the fisherman's tales that abound warning of the mighty Crabzilla were not enough to deter these two youngsters, who appear quite oblivious to the potential threat a 50-foot crab could poise.

The Mirror reports that the second image of Crabzilla shows a fearsome claw and part of the crab's body, which would measure 50ft wide and be 10 times as big as Britain's largest crab.

On the Weird Whitstable website, the picture is accompanied by the following statement.

"This shocking image of a giant crab under a popular crabbing spot in Whitstable was taken in July. The boys were unaware of the danger, but as several passers-by shouted to them, the crab slipped silently away under the water into the dark, sideways."

Nuff said!

(Images Via Quinton Winter/Weird Whistable/Daily Mirror)