DeMarco Murray Buys iMac Computers For Offensive Linemen

To say that DeMarco Murray is having a great season so far would be a huge understatement.

However, Murray knows that none of his success would have been possible so far this season without the offensive linemen of the Dallas Cowboys doing their job so well. Therefore, he decided to show his appreciation for them by getting each of them a great “Thank You” gift — a 21.5-inch iMac computer.

The 2014 NFL season for this 26-year old Dallas Cowboys running back has been phenomenal. DeMarco Murray has already broken the NFL record for having the most consecutive number of 100-yard games which was originally set by the legendary Jim Brown, according to Sporting News.

With 18 carries and a minor ankle injury, DeMarco Murray was able to seal the deal in the 4th quarter of Sunday’s game against the New York Giants. Murray also made history by becoming the first running back ever to start off a new season with seven consecutive games in which he got at least 100 rushing yards.

Keep in mind that DeMarco Murray was not the top pick in his 2011 NFL draft class – he was actually the 71st pick. However, his performance on the field has only improved over the past three years. Murray has been able to help Tony Romo and his teammates skyrocket to the top of the NFC East Conference with a current record of 6-1.

Even though a lot of credit for this record needs to go to DeMarco Murray for escalating the Cowboys’ running game, Murray knows that he would not have been able to make history or achieve this level of success on the field without the much-needed assistance of his offensive linemen.

DeMarco Murray clearly had to spend a lot of money to be able to afford these expensive gifts, and his performance on the field (along with the assistance of the offensive line) could potentially open up some major doors of opportunity for Murray in the future – including NFL MVP awards, bigger contracts in the future and maybe even a Super Bowl win for the Dallas Cowboys.

What do you think? Will DeMarco Murray be able to maintain his current hot streak?

The Dallas Cowboys will next face the Washington Redskins in their home stadium on Monday, October 27.

[Image Credit: NBC DFW]