Justin Bieber Took Advice From Boys II Men For “Mistletoe” Album

Justin Bieber’s Christmas album Mistletoe drops today and singing with Bieber on the album is legendary R&B group Boys II Men, a favorite of the young star as he was growing up in Canada.

How big of a fan is Bieber exactly? Apparently big enough to take some advice from the groups singers. Speaking to MTV News singer Shawn Stockman said:

“He’s a fan of our music,” and “So him being in the studio and everything, when we were singing the parts, and he’s bugging out, and we got a chance to talk to him and give him some brotherly type advice.”

So what advice did the group who has been together for 20 years give Bieber?

“[We] just gave him some wisdom to know how to keep things going from a mental level [and] not just doing this [to do this] because people can get caught up in the success and all the hype and the girls screaming and the money and all the other good stuff, and you’ve got to have your wits about you.”

Stockman continued:

“And make sure that you don’t want to have this legacy of being this brat … you don’t want that. You want longevity, not only in this business, but life as well.”

When it comes to a career in the music business the group had one important message to end on, Bieber must remember that he’ll experience highs and lows and he just needs to roll with the punches to come out ahead.

In the meantime Under the Mistletoe is available now and also features appearances by Mariah Carey (dueting a re-imagining of her hit All I Want For Christmas) along with Usher, Busta Rhymes and the Band Perry.

Here’s the first single Mistletoe:

Have you rushed out to grab your copy of Mistletoe?