John McCain Is Predicting ‘A Very Low Voter Turnout’ For Midterm Elections

David Wangberg

With the 2014 midterm elections being less than two weeks away, Arizona Senator John McCain is predicting that not many people will show up to vote.

During an interview on TakePart Live, which is co-hosted by McCain's daughter Meghan, the senator said that there are two reasons why he believes a lot of people will stay home on Election Day.

"What I'm hearing from my pollster friends is that people don't like Republicans, and they don't like Obama, and they're very, very turned off," John McCain explained. "And I'm afraid we're going to see a very low voter turnout in this election, and that's not healthy for, obviously, any of us."

Even though there is a possibility for low voter turnout, John McCain also mentioned that there could be some tough races in a few states.

"I think there's going to be some very close elections," McCain said. "I think there could be a runoff in both Louisiana and Georgia – I think we could win both of those. But I think in both of those states, you've got to get over 50 percent."

One of the reasons why John McCain is expecting low voter turnout is because he believes that Republicans and Democrats have not done anything noteworthy to get the people to show up to the polls.

"A lot of it's going to come down to getting the vote out, and neither party so far has really galvanized their base," he said. "So, I think it's going to be very close, and I think we're going to be up late."

In a related report from The Inquisitr, John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign running mate, Sarah Palin, told Fox News host Sean Hannity that she felt she needed to apologize to the people of the world. This came after President Obama outlined his plan to take down the terrorist group, ISIS.

"As I watched the speech last night, Sean, the thought going through my mind is, 'I owe America a global apology. Because John McCain, through all of this, John McCain should be our president,'" Palin said.

A recent Gallup poll showed that just 33 percent of Americans have put "some" or "quite a lot of" thought into showing up for Election Day. That's down from the 46 percent who said the same thing in 2010. 32 percent noted that they were "extremely motivated" about voting, which was lower than the 50 percent recorded in 2010. And 37 percent mentioned that they were "more enthusiastic about voting than usual," which was lower than the 46 percent recorded in 2010.

Do you think John McCain is right about low voter turnout this year?

[Image credited to Matt York/AP via MSNBC]