Another White House Fence Jumper Apprehended, Rushed To Hospital After Being Subdued By Guard Dogs

A man has been rushed to the hospital after he was subdued by guard dogs while jumping the White House fence.

CBS News correspondent Mark Knoller reported that the unidentified individual jumped the fence along the White House North Lawn. The man was arrested and placed in custody by the Secret Service.

According to Reuters, video footage of the incident showed Secret Service agents surrounding the man on the north lawn of the White House, which was put on lockdown.

It’s the 7th fence jumping incident this year, according to the Secret Service.

Prior to this incident, the most recent episode of someone scaling the White House fence was that of Omar Gonzalez.

The Inquisitr reported that last month Iraq war veteran Omar Gonzalez jumped the White House fence and was undetected until he actually got into the building.

Unlike that incident, which took place on September 19, the West Wing was not evacuated as the intruder did not get into the building, but the north grounds were in lockdown as the Secret Service conducted a full sweep of the grounds. The lockdown was lifted an hour after the incident.

CBS News also reported that the man was rushed to the hospital after being held in custody. The nature of his injuries are unknown but it is suspected that he may have been bitten badly by one of the Secret Service guard dogs.

Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan indicated that the response of the Secret Service was swift and effective.

“The individual was immediately taken into custody on the North lawn of the White House by Secret Service Uniformed Division K-9 teams and Uniformed Division Officers. He did not get as close to the doors of the North Portico as the last intruder.”

The Secret Service has come under heavy criticism for how it handles incidents such as these.

Most White House intruders do not try to harm the President, who may not even be in residence, but are usually attempting to attract attention to their causes or ideas or are intruding accidentally. There have been four assassinations of U.S. presidents and many more assassination attempts. None of the assassinations occurred at the White House, and only one attempt occurred there.

Extensive security measures are used to protect the White House as the official residence and office space of the President of the United States.

The first intrusion of the White House occured in 1912. Since then, there have been 33 intrusions.

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