Police Report Released In The Treon Harris Rape Investigation

The University of Florida Police Department has released their report in the rape investigation against Treon Harris.

Early in October, University of Florida quarterback, Treon Harris, was named in a rape investigation by the University of Florida police after a female student came forward with details of an attack. Few details of the report were made available at the time since it was an ongoing investigation. The campus police called in help from Gainesville police to collect forensic evidence at the dorm of Treon Harris where the incident occurred. After Treon Harris' attorney, Huntley Johnson, launched a personal attack on the victim in the press, she dropped the rape charges against Treon Harris; however, police finished their investigation because the victim does reserve the right to refile in the future.

The report, including the police's interview with Treon Harris, sheds some new light on the case including a possible threat made to the victim by Treon Harris the day after she says he raped her in his dorm room. "Don't tell nobody bout nothing," was Harris's alleged warning to her. In a police interview, Treon Harris claimed that he was warning her not to tell anyone because he claimed he did want the woman that he was involved with to know about their encounter.

Treon Harris sends victim a warning the day after she says he raped her.
Treon Harris allegedly sends victim a warning the day after she says he raped her.

The rape investigation against Treon Harris began on October 6 when a law enforcement officer was called to the emergency room where the victim went to seek treatment and reported that she had been sexually assaulted. She then described an attack in which she said Treon Harris raped her despite her pleas for him to stop, saying that he was like "dead weight" on top of her, an accusation that Harris denied even when police asked him if the victim was too drunk from the night to be able to give consent. Harris claims that "She was talking fine, she was looking fine."

One of the strange things about the report is an interview with Treon Harris where the officer conducting the interview, Detective Faroni, says to Harris "...and I promise you that this will be resolved the way it's supposed to be resolved" and Treon Harris seems more concerned with whether or not the story will be covered by ESPN than with the seriousness of the rape accusation, asking multiple times, "So is this going to be on ESPN and stuff?"

Although Treon Harris was initially suspended from the football team and on campus activities, they were quick to reinstate Harris with no further consequences, even though some had expected that Harris would face disciplinary actions for a Student Code violation. Since the victim dropped the charges, there are no plans at this time to pursue a criminal case against Harris who is now playing for the UF Gators once again. However, because the victim reported her assault within 72 hours, Florida state attorney Bill Cervone stated that there is no statute of limitation involved, and the victim is free to refile charges against Treon Harris at any time if she wishes.

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