‘The Bachelor 2015’ Spoilers: Chris Soules Hits New Filming Location Ahead Of Hometown Dates

Chris Soules is looking for love, and he’s hoping to find it on ABC’s The Bachelor 2015. The show doesn’t premiere until January, but filming is taking place now, and Reality Steve’s spoilers are generating buzz again. What are the latest The Bachelor spoilers Reality Steve has dished out?

It would seem that things are going to be noticeably different during season 19 of the show. While many of the basics will remain the same, most certainly, the filming locations for Soules’ season are looking quite different from what fans are used to seeing.

Of course, The Bachelor 2015 started filming in Los Angeles as it always does, and then there are often one or two other episodes filmed in the United States before international travel is incorporated. This season, however, they seem to be sticking with U.S. locales until very late in the game.

Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that filming dates in South Dakota took place this past weekend. The Bachelor spoilers from Steve indicate that now the group is headed to Des Moines, Iowa for the next round of outings. It certainly will be interesting to see how the ladies react to these location reveals.

In this case, the Iowa location could be an interesting and telling one for the ladies. Fans know that Soules is from Iowa, and, in fact, Steve reveals that one of the individual dates over the weekend will be filmed at Chris’ high school alma mater. Reality Steve’s The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Soules and one lady will attend a football game at Starmont High School. Another one-on-one date will apparently showcase a performance by Easton Corbin.

The Des Moines Register reveals some additional The Bachelor spoilers. Apparently, there will be a group date filmed in Iowa on Monday, October 27. It seems that producers inquired about filming at a farm near Des Moines, and they seem to be looking for a farm that has both livestock and corn harvesting. Could this be the show’s way of helping Soules weed out the bachelorettes who really can’t cut it in terms of living the life of a farmer’s wife down the road?

Given the details already emerging about the dates being filmed this weekend, chances are good there will be a lot of The Bachelor spoilers making their way to social media. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, the first four episodes filmed in Los Angeles and episode 5 was in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Episode 6 was in South Dakota, and now, episode 7 will be filmed in Iowa. At this point, there are likely six bachelorettes still in the mix of things.

After the Iowa dates would seemingly be hometowns with Chris Soules’ final four ladies. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that the final three bachelorettes and Chris will head somewhere more exotic for the overnight dates and final rose ceremony, and typically, filming wraps up by mid-November.

Will fans embrace this new approach to choosing locations for the show? Will it give Chris a good sense of which ladies are serious about a long-term relationship with him? Fans will find out soon as ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 starring Chris Soules is set to premiere on January 5.

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