Bill Murray Wears Pink Pants, Talks About Tinder To Jimmy Kimmel [Video]

Bill Murray is once again proving that he’s truly an awesome person. He spent years out of the limelight, but now that he’s back and no longer shielding away from the press, it has resulted in a ton of viral and laugh out loud moments.

As The Inquisitrreported, he’s hosted hilarious Reddit AMAs, crashed a few wedding celebrations, and even crashed an ice cream social. Over the last month Murray has been hard at work promoting his film St. Vincent, which is getting a ton of Oscar buzz for the star.

His last stop on the talk show circuit was an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, which turned into Murray giving his own opinions on the hook up app Tinder. So how exactly did Murray hear about Tinder? Well, according to the actor he heard about it because of its use during the Winter Olympics.

Although Bill Murray undoubtedly has fans that would swipe for him, he’s not interested in setting himself up on Tinder.

“I think it could be amusing, but I can’t imagine doing it. I feel like I have lived that life and I can live that life any moment. I can sort of say, ‘Hey you with the camera. Dammit I’m coming your way.’”

Then Murray proceeded to show how fantastic he is at matchmaking by dragging a photographer on the couch. “He blushes easily. We’re never going to get to a lot of the good stuff,” he said, before patting the photographer on the back and sending him out of the frame.

As if keeping modern isn’t enough, Murray also gave Jimmy Kimmel some advice the last time he was on the show, which Kimmel recounted to the actor. To gear up for the birth of his daughter, Murray told Kimmel to bring a few things in the delivery room.

“You told us to bring an oscillating fan because there’s no air condition [in the hospital], a night light, and you said hang something. We hung the lights all around the room and it was great. My wife was so happy she had that fan. You were right on on all of those things,” said Kimmel.

To that Bill humbly responded, “I don’t know very much but I talk a lot about I do know. I just keep talking.”

Prior to his appearance on Kimmel’s show, Bill interrupted his own segment on David Letterman’s show to hit the streets and train for the New York City Marathon.

[Image via ABC]