Chicago Bulls Rumors: Tension Mounted After Derrick Rose Stole Joakim Noah’s Love Interest

The Chicago Bulls could be dealing with some off-the-court drama after reports that Derrick Rose may have stolen a love interest away from teammate Joakim Noah.

The incident reportedly happened over the summer when Noah fell for a blonde from South Africa. Though Noah has a girlfriend, sources say he fell hard for the new girl, only to be thwarted by Rose.

MediaTakeOut spoke to a source allegedly inside the Chicago Bulls organization.

“And according to our insider, Joakim fell HARD for the girl. The snitch told us, ‘Joakim has a main [girlfriend] already, but he was definitely [into] this girl. Who wouldn’t be, she’s beautiful.'”

“Well[,] while Joakim was FALLING IN LOVE… and thinking about wifing… his TEAMMATE Derrick Rose swooped in with the SMASH AND DASH. The insider DISHED THE TEA, ‘Derrick met [the EXOTICAL GIRL] in Los Angeles and the two hung out and she went back to Derrick’s apartment. It’s a little bit f***ed up, because Derrick knew that Joakim was dating her, everyone on the team knew.'”

“But before you get TOO UPSET with superstar Derrick Rose, the snitch added, ‘I don’t really think that Derrick did anything wrong, because it wasn’t Joakim’s main [girl] that he [slept with]. But Joakim is a real sensitive [guy] so he’s feeling some type of way about the situation.'”

The source went on to claim that Rose apologized to Noah and teammates stepped in to smooth things over, but the tension remains.

Normally a report like this would be taken with a grain of salt — especially from MediaTakeOut, which is notorious for unsourced gossip that doesn’t turn out to be true, including ludicrous reports of a gay sex tape starring Kobe Bryant — but this time the report is coming from other sources.

The site Terez Owens also spoke to a source (which may appear to be the same source as MediaTakeOut) who talked about the Chicago Bulls rumors. The source claimed that Joakim Noah had “a stable of girlfriends” at the time, and that Derrick Rose was just “cleaning up his sloppy seconds.”