Lay’s New Million Dollar Winning Flavor Is Wasabi Ginger

What is your favourite flavored potato chip?

Do you go for a more plain and salty type chip or prefer something a little more spicy and exotic?

If you fall into the second category, you’ll be thrilled to read that Lay’s have officially announced their new million dollar winning flavor, and, boy, is it exotic!

Lay’s annual, “Do Us a Flavor” contest gives the general public the chance to send in their ideas for an all-new potato chip flavor, and if their entry beats the rest, they are looking at $1 million in prize money for their efforts.

This year, the Wasabi Ginger flavor, created by Meneko Spigner McBeth, a 35-year-old nurse at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, beat Mango Salsa and Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese.

McBeth spoke about the success of her entry, “I don’t really think it’s sunk in quite yet, adding the flavor was “inspired by my grandmother: She’s Japanese, and I grew up eating her sushi. I wasn’t allowed to have the wasabi until I got older, and when I was [allowed to try it], I fell in love with it!”

But it wasn’t until she reached college that McBeth visited her first real sushi restaurant and became acquainted with pickled ginger. “The flavor of the two of them in combination, I love it. I said, ‘[Why not] try it on a chip? It can’t hurt!’” she said.

According to McBeth, she knew her flavor idea would be a success as her three daughters chomped through bags of the potato chips, “I mean, they went through bags and bags and bags [of Wasabi Ginger chips]. And I said, ‘That’s enough! You guys cannot eat this for lunch and dinner every day!’”

The new flavor is set to hit supermarket and convenience store shelves real soon, and then, you can see for yourself what you make of the all-new Lay’s wasabi ginger potato chips.