Gavin Seim Pulls Over Police Officer: ‘Constitutional Activist’ Suggests Officer Return Unmarked Car

Gavin Seim pulled over a police officer in Grant County, Washington, and demanded to see his I.D. According to Huffington Post, Seim wanted to know if the officer — who was in an unmarked vehicle — had been pulling people over. When Seim approached the officer, he got a bit of a snarky response. The officer pointed to the patch on his uniform and said, “This is my ID right here.” Well, that wasn’t enough for Seim.

“That’s not ID, sir. If I showed you a badge if you stopped me, would you take that as ID? C’mon. Let’s be reasonable. Anybody can have a patch, sir,” Seim said. With that, the officer showed Seim two forms of identification.

Gavin Seim pulled over the police officer because there is a law in the state that forbids officers to pull people over while in unmarked cars.

“I’m not going to write you up today. What I am going to encourage you to do is take this car back,” Seim said. With that, the officer smiled (check out the video above). However, Seim persisted. “I could call a sheriff out here and demand that you be written up for this because you are in open violation of Washington State RCWs.”

Apparently, Seim was trying to bring attention to unlawful traffic stops, according to Yahoo! News. When police pull people over in unmarked vehicles, it sends a message to people who might want to do the same sort of thing, pretending that they are cops. Of course, this can put citizens in danger, which is why Seim took a stand.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Seim took to his personal blog to explain his actions.

“In Washington we have unmarked police vehicles impersonating citizens. If you think it’s not a serious issue, try asking those that have been raped or lost loves ones because of unmarked cars. It’s already illegal in WA for public vehicles to be unmarked, unless designated for ‘special undercover or confidential investigative purposes.’”

After Gavin Seim pulled over the police officer and made news around the country, people began discussing whether Seim made a valid point or if he was disrespecting the law. In a poll conducted by Huffington Post, over 60 percent of the people (who took the poll) believe that Seim was in the green and that “it’s time someone started doing this.” Less than 40 percent of the poll takers believe that cops should be “left alone.” What do you think?

[Photo courtesy of YouTube screen capture]