Three American Teen Girls Stopped In Germany On Their Way To Join ISIS In Syria

Following numerous reports recently that radicalized Muslim European’s are joining the ranks of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, a new report has emerged claiming that three young female American Muslims were stopped in Germany in the past few days, on their way to Syria.

The girls, who come from a Denver suburb, consist of two sisters, aged 15 and 17 and a 16-year-old friend of their’s, according to CNN.

Meanwhile, the Denver Post reported that the two sisters had told their father on the phone that they were feeling sick and had gone to the library to study on Friday morning. Later, the father found that his daughter’s passports were missing from their bedroom, along with $2,000 in cash.

As soon as the worried father contacted authorities, the FBI stepped in and flagged the missing passport to the relevant airport authorities. The three girls were then stopped in Frankfurt airport and flown bak to Denver on Sunday.

The three girls were apparently planning to join ISIS in Syria, without their parent’s knowledge, by flying to Turkey via Germany. The FBI are currently scouring the girl’s laptops to see how and who they were recruited by.


Malak Eldie, a member of Denver’s Sudanese community, told reporters that the girl who joined the two sisters was recruited after “they got her to go by saying ‘if you do this it will good for Islam.’ She didn’t go to fight America,” said Eldie.

This isn’t the first time an American from Denver has been involved in ISIS activity as back in July, Shannon Maureen Conley was arrested at Denver International Airport as she was on her way to join the group in Syria.

ISIS has been engaged in intensive recruiting targeting a western audience, and the attraction of Islamic jihad recently led 100 French girls and women to leave to join the group and serve as wives, concubines or babysitters as revealed earlier this month.