Couple Loses Custody of Daughter for Stealing Sandwiches

A couple were thrown to jail in Honolulu for allegedly stealing two sandwiches at a supermarket. Because they’re both in jail, they also lost custody of their 3-year-old daughter for about 18 hours.

Husband and wife Marcin and Nicole Leczcyzynski were in a Safeway supermarket when they were arrested. The wife, 30 weeks pregnant, feeling faint munched on a chicken salad sandwich while shopping. She paid for about $50 worth of groceries but said that she forgot to pay for two sandwiches valued at $5 each.

The supermarket’s security stopped the couple and called the police. Despite offering to pay for the sandwiches, they were arrested and their daughter taken by Child Protective Services.

In a statement released by Safeway, they said:

“From our preliminary investigation, it appears we may not have handled this matter in the best possible way. We are taking this situation seriously, and giving it our full attention.”

The couple were charged with theft and set the bail at $50 each.

Was it an overkill for Safeway to call the police and should have just taken on the couple’s offer to pay?