‘In Living Color’ Headed Back to Fox After Two Decades

Feel old, people. It’s gotten to the point where the 90s are so retro that we can not only be nostalgic for them but also start reviving stuff like it never happened.

Yes, it’s been two decades since Jennifer Lopez first shook her world-famous booty on stage as a Fly Girl, but the urban comedy show that launched the careers of the Wayans brothers and Jim Carrey will be getting a second shot at small screen success. In Living Color may have faded somewhat into the 90s memory hole, but in its day, it was known for a decent pedigree of not only soon-to-be hugely successful actors, but also a roster of musical performances including Public Enemy, Kris Kross, En Vogue, Eazy-E, Monie Love, Onyx, 3rd Bass, Heavy D,MC Lyte, Arrested Development, Jodeci, Mary J. Blige, Tupac Shakur, Queen Latifah and Leaders of the New School.

And like all things once seminal in our culture, it’s coming back. A Fox press release describes:

The iconic series put a hip, edgy spin on popular culture and featured characters and sketches that became part of the American vernacular, such as “Men on Film,” starring flamboyant film critics Blaine Edwards (Damon Wayans) and Antoine Merriweather (David Alan Grier); Homey D. Clown (Damon Wayans), a dour urban kiddie entertainer whose catchphrase was “Homey don’t play that!”; streetwise scam artists “The Home Boys” (Keenen Ivory and Damon Wayans); and Fire Marshall Bill (Jim Carrey), a disfigured safety expert.

No word on when In Living Color will be back on TV or if any of the alumni will be doing cameos.