Remains Of Four Infants Found In Winnipeg Storage Locker

An employee of a Winnipeg U-Haul facility was cleaning out a storage locker when they found the decomposing remains of three or four infants. Winnipeg police are investigating.

According to the Global News, the gruesome discovery was made Monday afternoon. Police were on the scene Monday afternoon and into this morning. Winnipeg police Constable Eric Hofley said that the infants’ decomposition is so advanced that it’s difficult to tell if there were three or four bodies.

“The remains were in a state such as it’s not obvious yet exactly whether we are dealing with four separate remains or three. That will be determined at autopsy.”

The Winnipeg Free Press further quotes Constable Hofley as saying that the remains are those of newborn babies.

“[The remains are from] very, very young infants, not children. Newborns.”

As of this post, police have not revealed who rented the storage facility or if there are any suspects. In fact, they’re releasing very little information at all, in order to avoid the risk of tainting the investigation.

“We don’t want to jeopardize at this point what’s going on.What the outcome will be once the investigation is over remains to be seen.”

They did confirm, however, that the department’s Child Abuse unit has spoken to several persons of interest. There have been no reports of missing babies in Winnipeg, according to Winnipeg Free Press.

Even if the infants are not determined to have been victims of foul play, whoever placed them in the storage locker has still committed a crime, says Constable Hofley.

“You’re not allowed to store human remains in a storage locker.”

Razmin Mansoub, spokesperson for U-Haul Company of Central Canada, issued a statement saying that U-Haul is “deeply shocked and saddened by this discovery.”

“U-Haul team members made a disturbing discovery when taking inventory of a delinquent storage locker on Monday. They immediately contacted law enforcement who believed the locker contained human remains.”

Far too often, newborn babies are often abandoned by their mothers who are unable to care for them and aren’t aware of the help that’s available to them. Just last month, the body of a dead fetus was found in a high school restroom in Dallas, Texas, according to this Inquisitr report.

Winnipeg police hope to have autopsy results of the decaying infants’ bodies released on Wednesday.

[Image courtesy of Global News]