Halloween By the Numbers [Infographics]

How much candy is consumed on Halloween night? How many trick-or-treaters hit the streets? What’s the most popular Halloween costume? If you’ve ever been puzzled by these questions, these Halloween infographics should can help you sort things out.

Here are some Halloween stats according to Visual News.

  • There are 36 million children in the prime of their trick-or-treating careers in the United States. (Between the ages of 5 and 13).
  • 35 million pounds of candy corn are sold every year.
  • 120 million kids and adults dress up for Halloween every year.

Here’s Visual News’ Halloween infographic.

As for costumes, it all depends on whether you’re going for geeky, funny, or sexy.

According to Masbable, Steve Jobs will be the most popular costume this year for the tech obsessed. Lady Gaga will lead the pop culture crowd, and those going with Halloween classics, the Zombie reigns supreme.

Here’s a Halloween infographic from webtrends.


Do you agree with these Halloween infographics? Is candy corn really the most popular Halloween candy?