Conan O’Brien to Officiate Gay Wedding on TV

Conan O’Brien will be celebrating his one year anniversary with TBS by filming a series of episodes of “Conan” in front of a live audience at New York’s Beacon Theater. During one of those episodes, Conan will officiate a gay wedding.

So who’s getting married? The details are a little hazy at the moment, but according to Vulture, Conan will be marrying one of his long-time male staffers and his partner.

The air date of Conan’s gay wedding isn’t known yet either, but it will likely air sometime next week.

Conan filmed for 16 years in New York before moving his staff out to California during a much-talked-about late night host shuffle.

Despite his new home, Conan is always happy to return to New York. The last time Conan filmed in New York, he said:

“It was just this blast of adrenaline, you know? It’s like on ER, when they stick that needle into someone’s heart to get it going again. It’s a needle of adrenaline in your left ventricle… the people were great. I mean, everywhere I went, people were leaning out of buses: “Conan!” You know, I think people were happy to see my weird orange head.”

It will be a groundbreaking moment when Conan officiates a gay wedding on TV, but he won’t be the first to host a wedding. TV Guide reports that Johnny Carson hosted an on-air wedding in 1969 between Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki. More than 21 million people tuned in to watch the wedding on “The Tonight Show.”

Do you think Conan O’Brien’s gay marriage episode will bring in a huge audience?