Viral Video Shows Little Boys In Brutal Fight As Grown-Ups Laugh, Cops Now Investigating

A viral video showing a brutal fight between two little boys on a street in Wilmington, Delaware, as a group of grown-ups look on and laugh, now has police in the city of 70,000 saying they plan to investigate exactly what happened in the violent online clip.

A concerned local adult spotted the video and told police about it last week, but they just laughed her off.

“The most disturbing thing is that I didn’t get any response after I reported it,” Brittany Caputo, a Wilmington special education teacher, told Philadelphia’s NBC10 News. “I was almost made to feel silly for calling.”

While little kids get into fights all the time, and judging by the police response reported by Caputo, a “boys will be boys” attitude still tends to prevail when it comes to juvenile street fights, this video appears especially disturbing not only for its level of brutality but for the fact that a group of what appears to be about eight adults seems to treat the fight as entertainment.

One of them, it appears, filmed the whole thing on a cell phone. Others can be seen taking their own pictures and laughter is heard in the audio portion of the fight video.

Wilmington police now tell News10 that they are investigating the video as a possible case of child abuse and are particularly interested in one man seen in the video leaning against a car watching the whole fight unfold.

The above video contains excerpts from the fight video, with the faces of the two children involved obscured to protect the privacy of the juveniles. But be warned, the images in the video could prove very disturbing.

The two boys, who appear to be between the ages seven and 10 years old, repeatedly punch each other in the head. At one point, the bigger kid knocks the other one to the ground with a vicious right hand punch.


An adult comes over to the fallen child — but at that point the video cuts away. The fight video resumes with the two little boys continuing to brawl against the side of a building.

At one point in the fight video, a young girl tries to break the two boys apart, but no adults are ever seen stepping in to stop the violence.

“It’s sad that the little girl trying to break up the fight has more common sense then the adults do,” noted one commenter on a Facebook page that carried the original video.

Cops are now attempting to identify the two boys in the fight video, to determine if either suffered any serious injuries. But they also want to know the identities of the adults who acted as if the two little boys were fighting for their amusement.