Kim Kardashian Turns 34: Check Out This Flashback From 1994! [Video]

Kim Kardashian officially turns 34 today, and what better way to celebrate then by taking a trip down memory lane! Of course, we could go back a year to when Kanye West first popped the question, but how about we go back a little bit further, say to 1994!

Entertainment Tonight decided to take Kardashian fans way back in time to 1994 in celebration of Kim's birthday. What was happening in the lives of the Kardashian's at the time? In the home movie, a then 13-year-old Kim was celebrating her eight grade graduation!

In the video, fans get a glimpse at a younger, more carefree Kim, one who joked about one day becoming famous.

"Is somebody getting a tape of this, because I hope you do so you can see when I'm famous and older you can remember me as this beautiful little girl!"
If only the 13-year-old Kim knew what was to become of her future! Needless to say, Kim has come a long way since eight grade, and today she is celebrating her 34th birthday! Hollywood Life couldn't have said it any better, "haters can hate all they want," but Kim has had quite the life. This past year or so the Kardashian has had so much to celebrate.

The excitement really began when news first broke of Kim's pregnancy. While many believed it to be just another celebrity hoax, Kim and Kanye West soon made an official announcement, sending fans into a frenzy. From there, things began moving at a rapid fire pace: baby North West arrived on the scene, Kanye proposed to Kim in a very elaborate fashion, the two exchanged their vows in Florence and shortly after, the Kardashian's were celebrating baby Nori's first birthday. My how time flies!

While Kim may be saying goodbye to 33 and all that has happened in the last year or two, that doesn't mean the reality star will be slowing down any time soon. Between her family clothing lines, the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and of course the coming of her new selfie book, Kim still has quite a bit on her plate along with her roles as mother and wife.

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