WWE: Rusev Kicks U.S. Army Soldier On Monday Night RAW Over American Flag Fight [Video]

When Rusev tried to tear down the American flag during WWE Monday Night RAW in Kansas City, a young U.S. Army soldier was shown jumping the barricade in protest, only to receive a super kick by the Russian wrestler after entering the ring. Although that sounds pretty bad, most fans believe the American serviceman was simply a plant in the crowd.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, if you run into Rusev and Lana when they’re out of character, you might be surprised to find out that real life Miroslav Barnyashev and Catherine Joy “C.J.” Perry are far from being the American-hating Russians portrayed in the ring. The Inquisitr has also gathered together a photo gallery to prove just how American they really are in their normal lives.

Of course, that does not mean the WWE Universe can’t hate the Rusev character for being a massive heel as part of the United States Vs. Russia story angle. The idea that Rusev might actually kick a U.S. Army soldier is already being torn apart by fans as being completely bogus.

For example, on Wrestling Forum, it’s noted that “the soldier didn’t have a US Army tape, a name tape, unit patches, or rank on his uniform,” which should be considered pretty odd in of itself. It’s also a question whether or not the American serviceman character was supposed to be with the U.S. Army or the U.S. Marines, although the former option is assumed.

One fans claims to have been present at Monday Night RAW when the drama took place with Rusev and the American soldier.

“It was 100 percent a fake. I’m sitting like 2 sections away and the guy wasn’t even here until a little before that segment. The security guy at the barrier let him over and the security guard outside the ring grabbed at him and then let him go so he could get in the ring.”

It also doesn’t help that the Big Show was already prepped to run out to the ring and pronounce how furious he was at the Russian.

The Rusev story has fans already comparing the incident to other famous plants, like when a “fan” attacked Eddie Guerrero.

There was also the time when a fan went after the nWo, only to receive a beat down from Randy Savage.

What do you think about the way WWE creative has gone with the Rusev character? Do you think it’s a step too far to portray him as beating down an American soldier?