Video of US Airways A320 Crash Landing in the Hudson River

The US Coast Guard has released the first footage showing US Airways Flight 1549 crashing into the Hudson River Thursday afternoon.

The footage, taken from a fixed camera, shows the A320 slamming to a halt left of screen at the 2:03 mark at precisely 3:31:02 pm local time. Shortly after the plane halts, the camera is tilted towards the plane and the image zooms in, providing close up footage seconds after impact, including the emergency chute, and the first passengers to leave the aircraft.

Although the moment of impact is a small part of the screen, the speed at which it hit is clearly shown…and you can’t help but be even more amazed again that the plane didn’t break up.

Here’s the US Airways A320 crash landing in the Hudson River video:

UPDATE: new footage released here.