Illegal Immigrants Caught Hiding In Washing Machine And Boxes Inside U-Haul

Illegal immigrants were found hiding in a washing machine and cardboard boxes inside a U-Haul truck by U.S. Border Patrol agents. The agents found the illegal aliens during a Falfurrias, Texas, checkpoint stop after a K-9 unit alerted them.

Border Patrol agents found five illegal immigrants inside the U-Haul truck. One man was curled up inside a washing machine, while four others were hiding in cardboard moving boxes. The male truck driver and his female passenger, both Americans, were arrested. The Department of Homeland Security is still investigating the incident. Falfurrias is located about 90 miles south of Corpus Christi, the southernmost point in Texas.

The influx of illegal immigrants, including unaccompanied children, is still ongoing in Texas. To date, the number of illegal aliens captured crossing the border has not reached the anticipated numbers voiced by experts during the summer months. The federal government still “struggles” to house all of the illegal aliens coming into the United States this year. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, some of the unaccompanied children have been released to relatives and sponsors around the United States. It is not currently know if all of the relatives are legal immigrants.

A massive holding center for illegal immigrants is being built in Dilley, Texas. The taxpayer-funded facility will be a 2,400-bed family residential center, according to NPR.

“They’re calling it a residential center. It’s actually a detention center,” NPR write John Burnett reported after visiting the area.

The Dilley, Texas, illegal immigrants holding center will reportedly include playrooms, snacks and drinks area, a soccer field, and a basketball court.

“It’s surrounded by a fence and locked gates, so they can’t leave. The first families are supposed to arrive next month. And the idea is to detain and deport these Central Americans as quickly as possible once they’ve had their asylum claims heard. And then that’s sending a message back south to deter others who might be considering the journey,” Burnett added.

A host of Democrats are unhappy about the “detention center” nature of the holding facilities being built for the illegal immigrants. House Judiciary Committee chair Patrick Leahy was one of 10 Democrats who signed a memo to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, asking him to reconsider the center policy. The members of President Obama’s own party do not agree with the denial of bond and the “incarcerating” of families who want to seek asylum in America. According to Burnett, the politicians do not feel the women, children, and teenagers pose a threat to society and are not a flight risk.

What do you think about the illegal immigrants found hiding in a washing machine and cardboard boxes, and the holding center being built in Texas?