‘New York Times’ Editorial Board Tells New York Voters To Re-Elect Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo New York Times

The New York Times Editorial Board, which declined to endorse Governor Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary held in September, has made an about turn by releasing an editorial which backs the Governor’s re-election bid.

The editorial, published in the New York Times, recommended Governor Cuomo to its readers for his achievements in passing gay rights legislation, strong gun control measures and gaining higher credit ratings for the state.

The editorial board, led by editor Andrew Rosenthal, made it clear that of the two candidates vying for governor, Andrew Cuomo is the best option because “his Republican challenger, Rob Astorino, the Westchester County executive, does not have broad experience and, on many issues, is out of step with most New Yorkers and the needs of this state.”

The New York Observer has predicted that Governor Cuomo will win his re-election bid, but noted that the Governor is not taking anything for granted.

The endorsement of the New York Times Editorial Board is seen as a big push for Governor Cuomo’s campaign.

The editorial board seems to have been particularly pleased with Governor Cuomo’s action on gun control.

“He pushed through the strongest gun-control measure in the country after the mass killing of schoolchildren in Newtown, Conn., in 2012. The new law expanded the ban on automatic weapons and big ammunition magazines and requires background checks for private gun sales, changes that are an improvement to public safety. Many voters upstate have anti-Cuomo bumper stickers and lawn signs registering their anger at the gun control bill. These are badges of political courage for Mr. Cuomo.”

An Inquisitr article reported that Governor Cuomo was very serious about implementing gun control in New York and was considering all the options including confiscation.

The editorial board’s endorsement was backed up by a lengthy book review of Governor Cuomo’s recently released memoir, All Things Possible.

But what does this endorsement mean for Governor Cuomo?

Former editor of the News & Record, John Robinson, explains why editorial endorsement matters.

“Endorsements won’t affect people’s views of the political coverage. Most people already believe newspapers are biased…It’s difficult for many civic-minded people to keep up with everything. Local TV often pays little attention to state offices. Other than friends, many people need an independent voice to offer an opinion. It’s not unusual for people to call newspapers and ask when the endorsements begin.”

We will not have to wait for too long to see if New York Times endorsement of Governor Cuomo was effective.

[Image via New York Times]