Teresa Giudice Will Live In A Halfway House For At Least Two Months Following Her Prison Sentence

Teresa Giudice

Included in the sentence that Teresa Giudice received for fraud charges is a clause that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star will need to live in some kind of halfway house for two months, after she completes her 15 months behind bars.

When Teresa’s prison sentence starts on January 5, there’s little doubt it will be a massive blow to her, and that she will miss her family greatly.

But according to a Radar Online report today, the agony of being apart for her loved ones for over a year will be extended, due to the fact she needs to live in the halfway house facility to accustom her to life on the outside again.

An inside source told the publication, “After Teresa is released from prison, the first two months she will living in a halfway house. During the day, she will be expected to get a job, or look for one. She will be allowed to see the girls, but will have to spend the night at the halfway house.”

The source stated the obvious, saying that Teresa Giudice is extremely unhappy about the prospect of living in such a facility, especially having sat in jail for 15 months, “Teresa is absolutely furious at the prospect of going to a halfway house. What’s more, during that time she will also be randomly drug tested.”

According to numerous reports, Giudice will serve her sentence at the Alderson Prison Camp correctional facility in West Virginia, which is nicknamed “Camp Cupcake” due to the fact it is set overlooking 159 acres of glorious land and is situated on the Greenbrier River.

The minimum-security facility has yoga and cooking classes and has housed famous villains in the past such as Martha Stewart and former beauty queen Danielle Chiesi.

The source also said that Teresa Giudice intends to appeal her sentence, especially the part which will see her incarcerated in the halfway house, a place she definitely doesn’t want to be for any period of time.

Giudice “wants her lawyer to get her out of serving time in the halfway house. As usual, she is living in dream world if she thinks it will happen!” Said the source.