Amber Rose Says She’s ‘Technically Single’ But Is ‘Focused On Her Son’


Amber Rose, who is currently going through a divorce with Wiz Khalifa, has spoken out about her life at the moment, while hosting XXIV Karat’s Launch Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

At the event, Rose shared with US Weekly reporters some interesting inside news about her current relationship status, telling them that all-in-all she’s doing pretty well even though she doesn’t have a man, “I’m okay. I’m doing pretty good. I am going through a divorce and technically I’m single I guess you could say but I’m just not ready for that.”

Rose also spoke about how she doesn’t feel ready to date at the moment due to work commitments and her wish to spend as much time as possible with her son, 19-month-old Sebastian, who she wants to focus on for now, “I’m focused on my son and I’m focused on work and I really don’t have time for a man right now.”

Amber Rose’s claims that she is single and doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment aren’t confirmed though as according to a recent TMZ report, Rose is dating Nick Cannon, her business manager, whom she went to Knott’s Berry Farm with last weekend.

But, for now, Amber reckons the only man she needs in her life is young Sebastian, who she spoke about with much pride to US, “He’s talking a lot now and he’s obsessed with pumpkins. All day it’s, ‘Pumpkin, pumpkin!’ I’m gonna dress him as a pumpkin too [for Halloween]. It’s going to be awesome.”

As with most celebrities who flit from marriage to marriage and relationship to relationship, Amber Rose is clearly going through an “I want to be alone and focus on myself” phase. As she told reporters, “I just want to do me. That’s it. I want to do me and I want to take care of my son and I want to work.”