Kate Middleton Pregnancy: Royal Baby Is A Girl! Leaks Say Test Revealed New Princess On The Way

Kaet Middeton Royal Baby A Girl

Kate Middleton and her husband, heir to the British throne Prince William, will soon be the proud parents of Great Britain’s newest princess — if media leaks about an ultrasound test undergone by the expectant Duchess last week prove correct.

The Prince took Kate Middleton out in public for the first time since August 5 last Wednesday, and the second-time mom-to-be showed no outward effects of the crippling so-called “morning sickness” that has laid her low since then. The couple kept an appointment with Dr. Alan Farthing, who performed what would have been a 12-week ultrasound examination — one that revealed the gender of the next royal baby.

“If indeed those reports are correct, the mystery of exactly how long Kate Middleton has been pregnant is now solved. The British royals were forced to announce her pregnancy six weeks ago, well in advance of the customary 12-week mark when royal pregnancies are usually made public.”

Kate’s illness, causing her to temporarily retreat from public life, forced the royal family to make the early announcement — but they never said exactly how long Middleton had been pregnant.

The gender of a fetus is not always clear at 12 weeks, so the reports need to be taken with a grain of salt. But according to the media leaks Sunday, the ultrasound tests showed that the royal couple’s first child, future king Prince George, will soon have a baby sister. The tests allegedly showed that Kate Middleton — whose official, royal name is now actually Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge — is pregnant with a little girl.

In fact, one report in the media claimed that the ultrasound showed not one but two beating hearts in the royal womb, meaning that Kate and William could actually be expecting twin princesses.

The Prince and Duchess were reportedly smiling broadly after emerging from Farthing’s medical clinic on Wednesday, October 15. Prince William’s father, Prince Charles, had earlier defied royal protocol by stating in public that he was hoping for a granddaughter this time around. Presumably, Kate and William were hoping the same thing, leading to their apparent joy after getting the news about the baby’s gender.

But the royals seemingly can do nothing without some sort of drama attached. This time, according to the same media reports, an internal struggle is already underway over what to name the princess — who if all goes well with the Kate Middleton pregnancy from here on out, will not even be born until April of 2015.

“Supposedly, Prince William is adamant that the girl should be named Princess Diana, after his late mother who perished in a 1997 car crash.”

But William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, is just as adamantly against that name, fearing it will remind the British public of the scandals and embarrassment surrounding the divorce between Diana and Prince Charles two decades ago.

Allegdely, the Queen is pushing to name the baby after her own younger sister, Princess Margaret, who died from a stroke in 2002 at age 71. Of course, if the report that Kate Middleton is set to have twins pans out, the dispute could be settled by using both names.