WWE: Dean Ambrose Is The Next Face Of The WWE, Not Roman Reigns

If there is one man in the WWE that is set to grasp the main event spotlight and never let go, it is Dean Ambrose. If there is a guy that has proven his worth to the WWE brass and did his time down in NXT, it is Dean Ambrose. If there is a man that can beat Roman Reigns and be at the top of the food chain, it is Dean Ambrose.

I’m not the only one that thinks Ambrose is the future of WWE. Chris Jericho recently sat down with Between the Ropes and told them about Ambrose and his potential in the WWE.

“I saw Dean when he first started and there was something different about him. He has that Jeff Hardy ‘X’ factor. There’s just something about him that you can’t push on somebody. You can teach them how to take a bump, give them a look, give them wins but certain guys have a certain something about them that you know is going to take them to the next level no matter what.”

“Dean definitely has that and in my opinion – I’m not the god of everything but I have a pretty good track record of picking guys – I think he’s the closest that they have right now to being the next face of the WWE.”

At the moment, there are three men that are in the way of Ambrose’s way to the top. John Cena, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns will be the roadblocks Ambrose must go through to prove to the masses that he is better than all of them. To prove the point, Cena and Orton are scheduled to main event Hell in a Cell in one week.

There is absolutely no reason for that to happen. Two young superstars deserve the spotlight and not the 10-year veterans who hog it show after show. Granted, Orton and Cena don’t make the creative decisions. They’re just the ones to blame, because it is Orton and Cena getting the matches in the main event.

Ambrose isn’t afraid to speak his mind either. That’s another quality that puts him above anybody else. In a recent interview, Ambrose talked down to the Attitude Era as he said a lot of it was terrible crap, sex jokes and over-the-top terrible comedy. Cena, Orton or Reigns would never talk down to the era of WWE that kept them in existence.

Roman Reigns

The whole point of this mini-rant is to justify why Ambrose deserves the main-event spotlight and the “face” role of the company. He’s more over than any superstar in the world. Re-watch any episode of Raw or Smackdown and listen to the pops he receives on a nightly basis. WWE isn’t editing the sound to make it sound better; that is all natural. His wrestling ability is bar-none better than the three aforementioned superstars.

Reigns can’t handle the spotlight, due to his horrific mic skills. Did you see that pre-taped interview on Raw a few weeks ago? It looked horrible and McMahon was not happy with it. Hopefully, the WWE will reward Ambrose’s continued success and make him the face of the WWE.

[Images via pwmania.com and dailywrestlingnews.com]