Gillian Anderson Teases Possible New ‘X-Files’ Film

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny have both had very healthy acting careers. Despite that, both Duchovny and Anderson are best known for their roles as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. According to Gillian it appears those two beloved characters might be returning to the silver screen in the very near future. The actress recently gave an interview to Bloomberg TV in which she talked about the ways in which a new X-Files movie could become a reality.

“We could crowdfund an X-Files movie,” Gillian told Bloomberg TV. “That (funding issue) is ultimately what’s keeping it from happening — other than Fox giving the go-ahead, which is not a small issue.” Fox is where the original series became as popular as it did and made both Duchovny and Anderson science fiction stars. Gillian Anderson has already appeared in two movies based on the television series, but the second film, released in 2008, flopped at the box office.

It seems the lack of support from people other than die-hard fans is the real roadblock for Gillian and David to reprise their characters one more time. Anderson talking about crowd funding might be a long shot, but it bears pointing out that another television series which was long gone was able to get revived. It wasn’t long ago that the creators and actors of the popular television series Veronica Mars were able to produce a movie by going the Kickstarter route. Gillian Anderson’s television series had quite a longer run than Veronica Mars, and Gillian’s series arguably has a stronger fan base.

Anderson isn’t content to just sit back and wait for her favorite franchise to hit the big screen yet again. In the meantime, Gillian Anderson wants to keep going in the science fiction genre, but she’d like to add a little more comedy to her resume. With the announcement that the stars of the upcoming Ghostbusters 3 will all be women, Anderson is openly campaigning for a part. During an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit, the actress made her intentions quite clear.

“OH MY GOD, I just looked it up online. Paul Feig, cast me now! Start a Twitter petition! I’m free!!!!! I’m free I’m free!” she wrote.

There have been a number of rumors about who the members of the new cast will be, with Melissa McCarthy likely being one of the front runners. Whether or not the X-Files veteran has a shot is anybody’s guess. It appears if Paul Feig comes calling it won’t take much courting to get Gillian Anderson on board.