Evan Rachel Wood’s Romantic Rebound Is Katherine Moenning of ‘L Word’ Fame

Evan Rachel Wood is reportedly moving on when it comes to her romantic life, just about six months after her break up with husband Jamie Bell. And the object of Wood’s affections appears to be Katherine Moenning, who made a name for herself as part of the cast of hit Showtime series The L Word.

The two have apparently had some flirtatious exchanges on Twitter, according to Us Magazine.

“Just saw @katemoenning at a flea market. I turned to mush and ran. Love her!!” Wood tweeted in February 2013.

“@evanrachelwood you should have said hi :),” Moenning messaged back.

While Wood has been candid in the past about her bisexuality, her alleged relationship with Moenning lends new, concrete evidence to those claims. It also gives a new perspective on a Twitter conversation Wood had with The Advocate‘s Matthew Breen about not wanting to reveal if she is straight or gay.

“I have certainly felt shamed from both sides for identifying that way…People like things black and white. It’s less scary. Grey ares make people uneasy. But the pain and fear and confusion are just as real as any other sexuality and you are not alone.”

There’s almost a 10-year difference in age between the two actors. Moennig, 36, is currently starring in Ray Donovan on Showtime. Wood, 27, is arguably the more famous of the pair with a bloodsucking turn on the just-ended HBO smash True Blood.

What both stars have in common is an apparent willingness to take on sexually charged roles. Evidence of this for Moennig is, of course, her portrayal of Shane McCutcheon on The L Word. As for Wood, her exploration of daring themes arguably began with her role in the controversial film Thirteen in 2003, in which she played a rebellious girl experimenting with her sexuality, among other vices.

The Inquisitr reported on Wood’s split with Jamie Bell last May. The two were married for less than two years, and the separation announcement came about nine months after the birth of their son. Wood and Bell apparently came to a mutual decision to end their marriage, and by all accounts they remain close friends. Most importantly, they seem to be truly dedicated to keeping the peace between them in order to raise their child as best they can, despite the circumstances.

Do you think Evan Rachel Wood’s decision to separate from Jamie Bell had anything to do with her bisexuality?

[Image via E! Online]