Halloween Decorations Display President Obama’s Head Decapitated

A controversial Halloween display has garnered national attention due to its political reference to President Obama. According to CBS Seattle, Idaho homeowner Richard Piersol’s Halloween decorations include a scene of the president’s head — decapitated. Needless to say, the gruesome display has caused a bit of a stir in his community, but he refuses to let others dictate how he decorates his home.

During a recent interview with KBOI-2, he spoke candidly about his decision to display the decapitated head. He personally feels his decorations are just an example of “free speech.” He also revealed the display is not racially motivated, because he has no ill-feelings toward the African-American race. As a matter of fact, a few of his African-American friends have reportedly given him tips on how to make the whole scene more distinctive!

“It’s like free speech. I am pretty much saying I don’t like his politics, and I don’t like him. That’s it. I’ve got a couple of African American friends of mine that have given me more ideas to put out there to make it look gorier. And it’s like ‘no, I don’t want to do that. That might offend somebody.'”

One of his neighbors, Wally Lester, also expressed that he didn’t see an issue with the decorations either.

“My son asked me if it was a little bit prejudice towards certain individuals, say maybe the president because it has a head over there with a machete,” Lester told KBOI-2. “I said, ‘No I don’t think it’s directed towards anybody. I think it just happens to be that situation the way they put it together.'”

Although there hasn’t been a substantial number of complaints about the decorations, Piersol stated that he would take the display down if he received an overwhelming negative response.

“If I have way too many people that don’t like it, I will take it down,” he added.

However, the Canyon County Sheriff’s office insists the Halloween display in not breaking any laws, so technically he cannot be forced to take it down.

Do you feel Piersol’s display is offensive? Share your thoughts.

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