NFL Picks Week 7 (2014): The Winners And Losers

Winners And Losers Of NFL Week 7

Did your NFL picks come out on top? This week’s list of winners and losers features some teams on a roll and a couple of surprises. Check out these NFL winners and losers for week seven and see if your predictions came true!


Take a bow, Colts.

This NFL team can boast its first shutout since 2008 after they utterly dominated the shell-shocked Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals had no room to get anything going. Their closest opportunity was a 4th down on the four yard line that went nowhere thanks to a pumped up defense.

The game ended 27-0 for the home team.


The New York Jets have been in trouble for a while. Heading into their Thursday night match-up against the New England Patriots, they were 1-5. Many had already the Patriots to be their NFL side destined to come out on top.

The Patriots then beat the Jets 27-25. Closeness in points means nothing to Rex Ryan, who has tried to fight off rumors that his job is in danger.

A six-week losing streak for his NFL team has done nothing but fuel speculation.


Perhaps the Ravens are hoping to prove a point in the face of a massive controversy by seeking to dominate the AFC North. Following a brutal 29-7 thrashing of the Atlanta Falcons, the Ravens seem to fear no one, having won four of their last five games.

A deflated 2-4 Falcons was simply no match, with this game marking the NFL team’s fourth defeat in a row.


last two weeks have been a nightmare for the NFL Superbowl winners. They no doubt remained top NFL picks for week seven despite the amazing upset suffered last week against the These Dallas Cowboys. But clearly there was still some leftover trepidation, because the Seattle Seahawks found themselves utterly dominated by the St. Louis Rams.

The team looked to be making one heck of a comeback in the second half. The only thing more disappointing than a crushing defeat? Getting within three points of victory and falling short. The Seahawks ultimately lost 26-28.


How ’bout dem Cowboys?

Admit it, this is one NFL team NOBODY was pegging for a major revival. And yet here we are staring at a 6-1 team after they beat the visiting New York Giants.

The game was tied at the half, but the Cowboys were determined to not see their momentum slowed. It seemed like a reversal of fortune was on the way when the Giants made it a 21-28 game late in the fourth quarter. But a field goal would gift the home team a 21-31 victory.

Who were your NFL winners and losers for week seven?

[Image credit: Indianapolis Colts]