WWE News: WWE Caught Blatantly Lying To The Mexican People

WWE has done some interesting things in the past, but lying purposely seems odd for them. That seems to be what they are doing now to the Mexican people. This past week, WWE’s Sin Cara character generated some press in Mexico. For those who do not know, former Mexican blockbuster star Mistico played the Sin Cara character in WWE. He was let go from WWE about a year ago, and WWE Superstar Hunico ended up taking over the role of Sin Cara.

This was significant for WWE, as they basically put the guy in the mask who they also used to rival Sin Cara earlier on. It was easy to tell the difference, as Hunico is a bit larger than Mistico, and has a tattoo that Mistico did not have. Sin Cara was known for botching a ton of moves. It wasn’t always his fault, as WWE had him bypass FCW/NXT, and he was put up on the main roster far too quick. He had no chance to learn the WWE style, which didn’t help him on TV. This also contributed to his injuries.

This was why WWE darkened his matches, so that the crowd couldn’t tell the major botches. In the last year of his WWE career, Mistico had performed better. He was teaming with Rey Mysterio who helped him figure stuff out a bit easier. Rey is considered one of the best Lucha Libre wrestlers ever. So who better to learn from?

The problem was that Mistico continued to get hurt, and WWE ended up letting him go. Hunico put on the mask exactly one year ago today. WWE released Mistico, and claimed such on WWE.com, but they were careful to not say they were letting go of Sin Cara. The character could always continue. He is in the mask after all.

Hunico as Sin Cara

WWE was in Mexico City recently, and Sin Cara was brought up of course. The NXT Tag Team Champion is on the Mexican tour, so clearly he is going to be big in press there. In interviews, however, WWE lied to the people, claiming that their Sin Cara was the original Sin Cara, which is completely inaccurate. Mexican fans know Mistico well, and know he played the character well before Hunico did.

WWE may be able to bring up that they are not lying to people, however.

During their Hunico/Sin Cara rivalry, Hunico brought up that he was “the original Sin Cara.” He claimed that the man wearing the mask at the time (Mistico) was an impostor. This worked for Hunico’s heel role against the face Sin Cara. This was also a good rivalry for Sin Cara, as Hunico knew both WWE and Lucha Libre styles. This helped the two have relatively good matches on TV. Far less botches were present, which allowed Sin Cara to look better. In the end though, Hunico proved his value to WWE, while Sin Cara proved he needed a lot more work.

Most feel that if Sin Cara did not have as many injuries, WWE may have allowed him to stick around. Between that and the bad wrestling, he just couldn’t last. WWE now has another Sin Cara, but it appears they are lying in an effort to have the Mexican people forget the old Sin Cara in favor of the new one.

[IMG Credits: WWE.com, YouTube]