October 19, 2014
Ohio State Marching Band Stuns With 'Classic Rock' Halftime Show

The Ohio State marching band put on an amazing performance this evening that truly earned them their nickname, "the best damn band in the land." The band is known for its over-the-top productions and marching ability. This halftime show was "Classic Rock" and featured songs that are truly classics.

The performance was so unique that it immediately began trending on Facebook following the show.

Some of the highlights from the video include the iconic Rolling Stones tongue and lip design and the smashing of a guitar. The opening formation, following the standard OSU, was a giant drummer. The band then moved into the Rolling Stones tongue and on to an impressive guitarist. Not only did the band make a great guitarist out of their bodies, they proceeded to ensure he rocked out accordingly, complete with a visible strumming of the hand. At 2:46, the guitarist strikes a pose on one knee.

In what I thought was the most entertaining part of the show, at 6:08 the band can be seen making a football sized pinball machine. Not only did they make the pinball machine formation, but they even were able to imitate a game which included a person dressed in a white ball suit running around the field knocking into "bumpers."

The show ends with a bang as a guitar is smashed on the field. The show really is a must-watch for any marching band or classic rock lover.

What do you think of the Ohio State marching band's performance? Did it top last month's performance of "TV Land?"