Wiz Khalifa And Future’s New Song ‘P***y Overrated’ Might Be The Saddest Attempt At Male Empowerment EVER! [Op-Ed]

Wiz Khalifa and Future want us all to believe that they are strong independent men.

These two are both fresh out of separations from women with every right to dump them for cheating. In the case of Wiz Khalifa, this is a man who was reportedly busted by soon to be ex-wife Amber Rose with a pair of twins.

Amber even took to Twitter to refute claims that it was she who was unfaithful and caused the breakup of her marriage.

Please stop with the fake stories. I would never ever ever cheat on my husband in a million years. I think [you] guys know this. Unfortunately my now ex husband can’t say the same.

As for Future, he was supposedly dumped because he couldn’t be faithful to Ciara.

And yet despite these scandals, the two rappers found the audacity necessary to release a track with artist Mike WiLL Made It called, “P***y Overrated”

Is this a song meant to warn others of the perils of infidelity? Are these two gentlemen taking responsibility for their own actions?

….Absolutely not!

This is a foulmouthed ode to how some women think they’re too good for you, how some women have the nerve to expect a man to court them or show genuine affection, and perhaps most laughably….how difficult it would be for complete strangers to win their attention.

Wiz Khalifa and Future doth protest too much, methinks.

Every aspect rapped about in the song could easily be construed as representing the very same sort of women with whom they cheated.

Wiz Khalifa may not have made money rain from the sky on the groupies he got busted with, but clearly they did something right that allowed them to get his attention.

While these rappers may want an outlet for their anger and embarrassment, women in general are not a sensible target.

No woman or any part of her body is overrated. However, the misogynistic, faux masculine, machismo that has become standard for modern rappers is VERY overrated.

Blaming someone else for your poor behavior is tired in general, never mind setting it to music.

And with all the things the public knows about their relationship woes, it’s Wiz and Future that come out looking ridiculous.

The two rappers simply do not have the credibility to even make this track offensive. As a writer at VIBE noted,

That “overrated” sexual organ is currently the source of their woes…but that’s none of our business.

Instead of Wiz Khalifa, Future, or any other rapper using women as a psychological punching bag, they could express some sort of maturity and growth by owning their own behavior and actually striving to learn from their mistakes.

Are Wiz Khalifa and Future trying to get back at their exes with this song?

[Image Credit: The Come Up Show]