Lady Gaga Lettuce Dress? Singer One Ingredient Short of a Sandwich

Lady Gaga is expected to wear another food dress when she visits India this weekend. Activists from PETA have asked the pop singer to pose in a Lady Gaga lettuce dress to promote vegetarianism.

Lady Gaga hasn't agreed to the request yet, but dressing up as a head of lettuce seems to be right down Gaga's alley.

Remember this?

lady gaga

Sachin Bangera of PETA India, said:

"If she agrees, we'll make her a dress entirely of lettuce and held together by pins and threads. It will be a full length gown, and we'll make sure it looks sexy... Someone will be on hand to spray the lettuce with water so that it doesn't wilt."
And if anyone knows how to make a lettuce dress, it's PETA. Pamela Anderson, Elizabeth Berkley, and Alyssa Milano have all posed in vegetarian dresses. Of course, they didn't have to run around and sing.

alyssa milano

Do you want to see Lady Gaga in a lettuce dress? If she does wear the vegetable dress, I really hope that the bread lobbyists step up their game and ask Lady Gaga to perform in dress made out of toast.

Reuters reports that Lady Gaga is traveling to India to unveil the country's first Formula 1 race. While there, Gaga will perform at an invitation-only show in New Delhi, hopefully in a lettuce dress.