Nicholas Brendon Arrest: ‘Buffy’ Star Busted After Hotel Lobby Confrontation

Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Nicholas Brendon’s arrest Friday night at a hotel in Idaho has people buzzing. The star was in Boise for a Comic Con event and it seems things got a bit out of hand. What’s the story behind Brendon’s arrest?

According to TMZ, the Buffy star’s arrest took place late Friday evening. Witnesses had reported a lobby disturbance involving hotel staffers and Brendon. When police arrived, Nicholas appeared to be drunk and he was uncooperative with authorities when they asked him to sit down.

Shortly after that, the Buffy star tried to walk away as officers attempted to talk with witnesses. Police then took him into custody for obstructing and resisting arrest. Hotel staff also apparently indicated that the actor had broken a decorative dish and they wanted to pursue charges. He has been charged for “malicious injury to property” for that, so he is currently facing two misdemeanors.

Brendon’s rep has indicated that the actor apologizes to the hotel staff and the Boise police for the incident. They are hoping that they can put the incident behind them and “focus on more positive things.”

KTVB shares that while Brendon is facing two charges so far, the investigation continues and there could be additional charges. The Buffy star bonded out of jail. So far, while his rep has commented on the incident, the actor himself has not said anything via his social media accounts.

Brendon, 43, was in town to attend the Tree City Comic Con. The actor’s mug shot shows red eyes and a bruised cheek. The actor has twice before gone to rehab and this isn’t his first legal issue that seemingly was tied to alcohol. As People notes, the actor went to rehab in 2004 to deal with alcohol problems.

The Buffy star went to rehab again six years later after an arrest. In that incident he was tasered by authorities and he faced charges of vandalism, battery against a police officer, and resisting arrest.

Brendon isn’t the only Buffy the Vampire Slayer star to be making headlines lately, though the other show star generating buzz is doing so in a much more positive manner. Charisma Carpenter will appear in an upcoming episode of Sons of Anarchy, and show fans are quite anxious to see how her role factors into the final episodes of the show.

Both Carpenter and Brendon have been relatively off the radar lately, but fans are still curious to see what they’re up to these days. Unfortunately for Nicholas Brendon, it seems he still has some challenges to work through.

[Image via Digital Spy]