Charisma Carpenter To ‘Sons Of Anarchy’: What Role Will The ‘Buffy’ Star Play?

Season 7 of Sons of Anarchy is marching toward its finish line, and the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, has sprinkled in a number of guest stars along the way. Now news is out about another addition, and fans are anxious for Sons of Anarchy spoilers on this one. What scoop is available so far?

Charisma Carpenter, known by many for playing the role of Cordelia Chase in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, is joining the SoA cast. Entertainment Weekly revealed the news, and teased Sons of Anarchy spoilers that she will play a woman named Carol.

It seems that Carol is a conservative administrative director at a medical facility. What type of facility, and how does she factor into the final episodes of Sons of Anarchy? Spoilers regarding those details are still under wraps for now.

Fans are already speculating about just where Sutter might be headed with this one. There have been quite a few familiar faces popping up in season 7 of SOA, but not all of the roles have been all that critical to the story. At this point it’s unknown how much viewers will actually see of Carpenter, as right now Sutter isn’t dishing out specifics.

Rocker Marilyn Manson has a fairly significant presence in leading the Aryan Brotherhood during this season, but Courtney Love, for example, just appeared briefly as Abel’s preschool teacher. The Cosby Show star Malcolm-Jamal Warner has also been seen in a couple of episodes, but again, he hasn’t been a key player in driving the story. Annabeth Gish, however, is central to the final ride playing out this season, as she plays the rather mysterious Sheriff Jarry. The next episode, airing on October 14, will have Glee star Lea Michele in a role as a truck stop waitress who interacts with Gemma.

Something about Carpenter’s role, however, has many SoA fans already speculating that this could be a relatively significant appearance. Right now, the show seems to be filming episode 11 or 12 out of 13, and it seems likely this is where Carpenter’s role will factor into things. Is a key SAMCRO member or loved one in a medical facility right at the end of the show’s run, where the facility’s director would be key to the storyline?

Kurt Sutter shared the news about Charisma Carpenter’s addition via Twitter, and it definitely got fans buzzing. Some even wonder if she might be some kind of hook-up or love interest for Charlie Hunnam’s character, Jax Teller. Not everybody thinks there’s any more romance in the cards for Jax given all that is going on, so others think her presence may revolve more around a significant injury or death that involves Jax.

Sutter has teased that Jax may get some, but not all, of the truth regarding Gemma and Juice when it comes to Tara’s death. Everybody wants to see Jax exact revenge on Gemma, but there are indications that things may not play out in an expected way. Just how key this medical facility tidbit is to how the show ends nobody knows, but it does propel some interesting theorizing.

By the look of Carpenter’s Twitter feed after the news became public, she’s pretty thrilled to be stopping by SoA. Will more Sons of Anarchy spoiler scoop regarding her role be revealed before her episode airs? Fans can only hope.

Tune in to the final season of Sons of Anarchy airing Tuesday nights on FX to see just how it all ends for Jax, Gemma, Juice, and the rest of SAMCRO.

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