Eric Frein: Woman Spots Suspected Cop Killer In Woods

The hunt for Eric Frein, the man accused of killing a Pennsylvania state trooper in a brazen ambush last month, intensified Saturday after police reported that a local woman spotted the man in the woods with his face obscured by mud and carrying a rifle.

Police are regarding the sighting as “highly credible” because it occurred near Pocono Mountain East High School, where Eric Frein had attended classes. The woman stated she saw Frein a little after 9 p.m. Friday wearing all black and that the distance between them was little more than 15 to 20 feet.

Lt. Col. George Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police updated the media Saturday afternoon in a press briefing about the search, now entering its sixth week, stating they’re “still searching.”

Hundreds of state police have been trudging through the heavily wooded area near the home of Frein’s parents in Canadensis, which is part of the state’s rural northeast. Bivens reported that with this new sighting, it appears Frein has moved approximately six miles south. He also explained that the search was being expanded to include Paradise and Pocono townships.

Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett described his and the State Police’s resolve during the media briefing Saturday.

We’re not going to stop. Nobody’s going to stop until we find this individual and he’s apprehended.

Eric Frein is being accused of ambushing two state police troopers outside a police barracks in Pike County on the evening of September 12. The attack left Cpl. Bryon Dickson dead and trooper Alex Douglass badly wounded.

Douglass was discharged from the hospital Thursday, reportedly “in good spirits and doing well,” according to Bivens.

Bivens also stated police are testing blood found at two homes for any possible link to Frein.

Frein is a self-described survivalist, having posted several videos to YouTube on the matter and being quite active on social media and online message boards. Police have recovered documents which show Frein has held a grudge against law enforcement and government for a long period of time.

Police say Frein is regarded as extremely dangerous, and most likely well-armed. The public has been urged to be on the lookout for him, but do not engage. Reports have also suggested that Eric Frein may be running out of not only places to hide, but also food, which may force him into populated areas with more frequency to scrape together what he can to survive in the woods. Police worry that these excursions to civilization may prove dangerous to the public.