Updates On Bio-Luminescent Trees And Glowing Plants Show Not Streets, But Cities Lit Up At Night! [Videos]

Over the years, the world in general has been trying to move towards cleaner energy as well as improved efficiency of energy use. The Inquisitr has previously reported numerous times on the matter, progress or not. This includes revolutionary solar breakthroughs being slowed down by budget cuts, and the issue that Barack Obama's new EPA regulations are cutting jobs and raising costs, yet boosting health. The new power-saving robotic vacuum is pretty cool though!

However, there is one issue that a lot of energy-saving enthusiasts are tackling: energy usage during nighttime, specifically just to light up our towns and cities. The Inquisitr previously reported on the solution with glowing plants. Now there are updated reports on its progress, along with new projects pertaining to lighting up the night naturally.

According to an article by Quest, scientist Kyle Taylor is the biotechnologist behind a synthetic-biology startup company that plans to sell engineered seeds to the public in December. The thing about these seeds is they will grow plants that glow in the dark. Taylor even takes the time to describe the experience of watching one of his plants light up in semi-dramatic fashion.

"I kind of like to have a big reveal. It looks like it's getting brighter, but actually your eyes are adjusting, although one day we hope to make the plants emit more light.

In order for the plants to glow, Kyle Taylor uses a gene gun filled with high-pressure helium to blast a DNA sequence into a small plant cell on a petri dish. The sequence contains luciferase, the light-emitting compound found within fireflies. Only less than 1 percent of the plants accept the genes, but the ones that do mature and start emitting light after two months.

In fact, many people are already on board for the new glowing plants. CBC News wrote an article that reports the expected December release for the seeds by Glowing Plants has already accumulated hundreds of thousands in pre-orders. Previously, Glowing Plants' Kickstarter campaign generated $484,000, which also includes 5,700 seed orders. Looks like fans are looking forward to lighting up their house without having to spend on electricity!

Bio-luminescent trees are also getting some updates too. In an article by Earth We Are One, Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde -- who have conceptualized smart, interactive highways and parks that remove smog particles -- jumped on the glowing plant bandwagon aiming for bio-luminescent trees to illuminate city streets at night. The trees will follow the same pattern as the glowing plants, but Roosegaarde is working on another project that may do away with all of that. Titled Glowing Nature, the project aims avoid genetic modifications to plants. Instead, they'll be working with bio-luminescent mushrooms to coat trees with a "biological paint" so they'll glow at night. Right now, trials for the paint will begin sometime later this year.

What are your opinions of a world lit up by plants and trees that glow in the dark? Do you find it a step forward on limiting our dependence on traditional energy? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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