WWE News: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin May Not Wrestle Again, But He Is Returning To WWE In 2015

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has been with WWE under a contract for some time. It is a Legends Deal of sorts, but Austin really makes his own schedule. The last we saw him on WWE programming was WrestleMania 30, but could we see him in the ring again? It could be more likely now than ever. However, it is not confirmed. What is confirmed is that we will see more Austin soon.

WWE is set to promote Austin’s podcast quite a bit in the next year. This could be something WWE uses to further some storylines in an edgier way, seeing as Austin won’t keep stuff PG. WWE is also planning to sell more Stone Cold merchandise. When WWE begins this, it is usually something they do when using a Superstar or Diva in a bigger role.

We know WWE is set to give Austin a prominent role on WWE programming. The problem is that it is uncertain what that role will be. Austin told people via his podcast recently that he had no desire to get in the ring and take bumps again. That being said, it seems obvious Austin would not have a role that would force him to get in the ring. He was a notable WWE RAW General Manager a while back, something WWE could use at this point due to The Authority taking over as a heel managing group. He’d be clear of taking bumps, but this could leave an opening for a match if he ever desired to do it.

Austin’s persona is that of a badass. So it is doubtful that if Austin was “appointed” the RAW GM by the Board of Directors, that The Authority couldn’t say much about it, and they would have to deal with his decisions. It would be a cool way to balance power. It would be even more important for WWE to do it during WrestleMania season, which is why having Stone Cold show up in January would be best.

Due to the fact that he’d be around the product, Austin could get the itch to get inside a WWE ring and wrestle once more. He is still in insane shape and proved he could still go in the ring a few years ago during the Tough Enough reality show, which he hosted.

Austin seemingly had an itch to return to the ring back then, and there were rumors swirling at that time that he might want to jump back in. That being said, could we see Austin return to wrestle? Maybe. What we do know is that he at least will be back in the WWE come 2015, and will actually be a featured star for the product. However, what role he will have is still uncertain.

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